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Step Into The Overflow

Sermon Scripture: Joshua 3:14-17 Focus Verse is 15

Sermon Topic: Step into the OVERFLOW

The overflow means that there is more than enough for you to partake in.

God has an overflow planned for us, but you have to step into it.  

In the scripture  the Lord was telling them that he has already made a way to get through your obstacles, but you will still have to go through it. 

We know the story of Moses parting the Red Sea.  He lifted his arms and the water parted and they walked on dry land.  There are similarities with that miracle and this one. 

When the water was parted, it was gradual. The winds started to blow, and the water receded overnight. 

Here in this scripture the water overflowed immediately.  The difference here is the attitude of the people.

Moses’ people had a slave mentality and some thought they were better off with the Egyptians.  They did not know a lot about this God. They did not know who he was. They were murmuring and complaining. 

By the time we get to this scripture and the Jordan River, the people thought differently. These people knew God. They knew of his miracles and how he had been there for him. They had experienced God for themselves.  Their mindset was different.  

The people at the Jordan not only knew who God was, but they knew that they had God with the

They had the Arc of the Covenant with them, so they know that God was right there in the midst of them.  The Arc carried the tablets written by the hand of God. 

We are like those people because we know that the Lord is with us right now, living right inside of them. 

In the scripture, the priests with the Arc of the Covenant went before the people. That means that wherever you were in the crowd, you were following the Spirit of the Lord.   We should be the same and follow the Lord. 

When the people bearing the Ark came up to Jordan, they did not know right away what to do with this water. But the Lord had already made a way.  When we get to obstacles, if we are following the Lord, he has already made a way for you to get through it. 

If you get there, the Lord will take you through. 

There are those of us who are right at the edge of our miracle, but we would not step in.    If you just make a move, step on in, God will make a way 

At the Jordan River, these people had to believe, in spite of what they saw before them, they had to believe in God to make a way. 

The priest decided to believe in the Lord and stepped in the River and there was an overflow. 

God had a plan for them all along. 

Those that held the Arc, stood at the brim of the water and dipped their feet in the water. 

They decided right then that they would not hesitate because they had the presence of the Lord with. They decided to step on in the water. 

When they stepped in the water, the water above them stood up in a heap, even the salt sea was cut off.  The Lord blocked the water from all sides. 

The Lord made a way for them because they stepped in the water. 

The Lord put the water in a heap around them and they stepped on the dry ground in the midst of the Jordan River. 

God can make things happen for you right in the midst of your situation.   God can make a way for you if you are following the way that he wants you to go.

When God makes a way for you, you feel like a conqueror because God has you protected on all sides just like the priests were protected in the midst of the Jordan. 

Not only did they walk through on dry land, but they walked through clean! 

These people had a different attitude because they were going to the promised land.  

After they came out of the midst of Jordan, and when the soles of all  the feet were lifted up on dry land after the crossing, the Lord returned all the waters of the Jordan back to normal. 

If you dip your feet right now in the overflow, God is able to bring you all the way through until you get to the other side.  

Be willing to step into the overflow. 

God is waiting to bless you, you just have to step in.  Do not stop.  Do not just stand at the edge of the overflow, step right into it and trust God to bring you through it. 

You can be happy where you are but know that the Lord did not take you this far to leave you right on the brink of  your miracle. 

The people at the Jordan could have died at the river because they were scared to step in.  Some of us are dying at the river because we do not step in.  

The people could have said that God only opened the water up of Moses, and this is Joshua.  The water may not open up. 

But we have to understand that whatever God did before, he can do again even greater.  If you are looking for what God did the last time, you may miss the blessing because he could be coming another way. 

God showed that he could work with Moses and he could work with Joshua.  

All of us had people that preached to us and influenced us in the past, but God may have sent you a new thing, a new preacher.  Understand that God is still that same God, you just may have a new messenger. 

Do not just die at the edge of the river. 

You are right there where a miracle can happen, but the next step is yours. 

Step into the overflow because you want to go to the other side of your blessing. 

Make that move and step into the overflow

God is ready, the next move is yours.

Step into the Overflow.

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