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Our Mission

To bring souls into the Kingdom of God by way of repentance, and the baptisms of water and Spirit.
To empower people with the promises of God through the preaching and teaching of the Holy Scriptures. 
To incorporate both traditional and contemporary methods and approaches, while yet being uncompromising in principles and beliefs. 
To maintain a church atmosphere that promotes praise and worship. 
To be a place of refuge for those that are lost and a source of compassion for those that are hurting. 
To develop the spiritual gifts within each individual so that they can be used effectively in ministry. 
To send Spirit filled, baptized believers out into the world to bring other souls into the Kingdom of God.

What We Believe

We believe that the Bible is holy and reveals the divine will of God. We support the fact that the scriptures were written to make the believers wise unto the things necessary to Salvation. 
We believe that in order to be forgiven of all sins and inherit eternal life in heaven, one must follow the Plan of Salvation, which must include repentance and the baptisms of water and Spirit. 
We believe that there is one God: God the Father in Creation, God the Son in Redemption, and God the Holy Ghost the Spirit that dwells within us today, Jesus Christ being that one God.
  We believe in the resurrection of Jesus and his impending return for those who have accepted the Plan of Salvation, and who also live a holy life.  
We believe in divine healing which was purchased for us by the blood of Jesus Christ and his healing stripes.