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I thank God for the opportunity that he has afforded me to serve as pastor of Narroway Church. My start as a pastor was a dubious one in that my upbringing was from a line of pastors as I have witnessed firsthand its ups and downs. I have had some wonderful mentors (most notably my mother) that encouraged me to pursue God's will for my life. After failed attempts to ignore my calling, I embarked on this fulfilling journey of leading God's people years ago.

Over the last thirty plus years, I have been blessed to have a constant companion, confidant, supporter, best friend, and the love of my life, my wife Maureen. We met while we were going to college. Our relationship started slowly with us getting to know each other and blossomed into a lifetime of commitment and devotion to each other. We came from different backgrounds, but our love for each other grew so much it nullified all the negatives and accentuated the positives of our relationship. We have been avid supporters in each of our individual and combined efforts. We have been truly blessed with 3 wonderful children. Ray, Brianna and Brandon and 2 grandchildren Dominic and Bryleigh. Experiencing the love within my family is one of the most satisfying aspects of my life.
It has always been a humbling reminder of my God given purpose, when I look at the serious minded, well respected, accomplished people that God has chosen me to lead. Leading great people into a higher level of spiritual maturity and God consciousness is a motivating reward that I experience weekly.
The manifestation of great things in this ministry has been promised, and with my continued pursuit of truth, I know that the promises will soon be realized.


Oscar Tyson Jr

1st   Lady

Praise the Lord!!  I am Maureen Barnhill Tyson, First Lady of Narroway Church.  I was born in Washington, North Carolina with my twin sister to Matthew and Alice Barnhill in 1963.  I grew up in Temple Hills, Md where I had a younger brother.  I attended college at North Carolina Central University and then earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 1986 from East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina.  That is when my life changed forever!!
While at ECU, I saw this dapper man on campus who had so much swag.  I knew that there was something special about him but I couldn't figure it out.  It was evident that he was a man of God from the lifestyle that he led. After stalking him for a few months, we dated and then I married the love of my life, Oscar R. Tyson, Jr. on March 8, 1986.
We proudly served in ministry at True Apostolic Church under Pastor Melvin Williams Jr. in the music ministry and jail ministry. We then served at Narroway Church under Elder James Andrews.  I was baptized in Jesus name on August 10, 1992 while attending a convention at the AACCJ Holy Convocation in Richmond, Va.  In the passing of our beloved Pastor, Elder Andrews on July, and Minister Oscar Tyson, Jr. was ordained Pastor of Narroway Church. My new assignment as First Lady was put before me.  With daily prayers and frequent fasting, I am in a leadership position of our church with many ministries- Women's Fellowship, Celebration committee, children's church, Finance committee, Hospitality committee, etc.  I also serve on the Education committee with The Churches of God and True Holiness.
In our beautiful, God-ordained union, we have been blessed with 3 children, Oscar Ray Tyson III, Brianna Maureen Tyson, and Brandon Tyson.  This is my proudest work of all.  God not only blessed us with these children, but he also blessed us with two super grandchildren, Dominic Tyson and Bryleigh Tyson. Our family unit is my JOY!!!!  I have taught middle school for 14 years.  This is my out of the church ministry.  I indirectly minister to our youth daily!!
Maureen B. Tyson

Leadership Staff